Let’s make content with a twist

LGBTQ inclusion and diversity is good for business, good for local economies and good for tourism destinations. The good thing is that more and more companies, both big multinationals as well as small businesses, are starting to realize this.

The idea of cooperation with us in Gay Travel Finland is to reach to the LGBTQ market with real and authentic content. As gay bloggers we are very interested in visiting your hotel, restaurant, event or destination and tell about you to the world with stories, pictures and videos. With the content we hope to inspire more and more LGBTQ travelers to Finland and to you. Simple and easy.

Why  you should be interested in the LGBTQ market?

There are certain facts that make the LGBTQ market very interesting for your business.

$211 billion per year is the estimated value of the international travel market of the LGBTQ community

6% of the population consider themselves belonging to the LGBTQ target group.

33% more is spent by the LGBTQ community on travel each year.

4–6 trips per year are taken by LGBTQ people, in comparison to 1–2 for the non-LGBTQ traveller.

For LGBTQ people most important factors for choosing hotels are price and gay friendly reputation

Let’s make business together

If you are interested and want to know more, please let us know. We offer our partner companies:

• expertise in the LGBTQ market potential

• consultation and training on how to interact with the LGBTQ market

• social media and content marketing


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