Helsinki’s reputation as one of the most gay-friendly cities stems from its inclusive policies, vibrant LGBTQ+ community, and commitment to equality and human rights. Here’s why Helsinki is a great city to visit and live for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Helsinki is home to a diverse LGBTQ+ community, with various organizations, events, and venues catering to different interests and identities. From LGBTQ+ bars and clubs to community centers and support groups, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and feel part of a vibrant community. Finland is known for its progressive attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights, and Helsinki reflects this acceptance and tolerance. LGBTQ+ individuals can feel safe and respected in the city, whether walking hand-in-hand with their partners, expressing their identities openly, or participating in LGBTQ+-friendly activities and venues.

Overall, whether you’re visiting for a short stay or considering making Helsinki your home, its reputation as one of the most gay-friendly cities, combined with its cultural offerings, safety, and high quality of life, make it a fantastic choice for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies alike.

Comfort Hotel Helsinki Airport

Comfort Hotel® Helsinki Airport is the coolest hotel at the Helsinki airport; ideal for those traveling alone, for work, or with family and friends! Guests can look forward to a great start or end to their trip with colorful accommodation, comfortable beds, a lively atmosphere, and digital services for a simpler and more convenient travel experience. We go easy on your wallet and the planet with everything you need for a great stay without any unnecessary extras!

Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport

Brand new Clarion Hotel® Helsinki Airport provides convenient indoor access to the Helsinki airport terminal and train station. The hotel features a wonderful spa and a modern conference center for more than 1,000 people. Guests can look forward to great à la carte dining at Brasserie NÒR on the top floor with panoramic views of the runway. Clarion Hotel® Helsinki Airport is the ideal venue for events and overnight stays right next to the airport terminal.

Flow Festival

Flow Festival, the truly urban music and arts festival, has been organised in the heart of Helsinki since 2004. Over the years, Flow has grown from a small club event to a trailblazing music and arts festival with 90,000 visitors over three days.
Held at the former power plant area of Suvilahti, Helsinki, Flow Festival is a carefully curated, high-quality festival with an innovative program that is an inspired mixture of popular culture and experimental arts. With a broad music and arts program, hand-picked restaurant services, a thoughtfully designed festival area, and an extensive sustainability program, Flow is a welcoming and inclusive festival experience like no other.
In 2024, Flow Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Suvilahti, Helsinki, from 9–11 of August, with a festival edition of a lifetime!

Parrukatu 2, Helsinki
+358 9 7531 560

Hotel AX  in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Hotel AX in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Hotel AX is a completely new kind of a playground for arts and a place for rejuvenating inspiration. Hotel AX opens a gateway to art. A gateway into a world that is different from the one surrounding us. Hotel AX is a compass that helps you navigate Helsinki’s art offering while being an art experience already in itself.

Välimerenkatu 18, Helsinki
+358 293200480

Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
Lifeof2men blogger’s LGBTQ friendly Hotel Klaus K in Helsinki Finland


We spent a wonderful Tom of Finland weekend in the hotel in winter 2017.

You can check more pictures and stories from our stay here.

This is what hotel Klaus K says on their web page.

“We have always spoken many languages. And now We Speak Gay. “

“We are proud to call Klaus K Hotel a gay friendly hotel. We have a zero-tolerance to any discrimination and we want to take into consideration all kinds of guests. It is our honor to make you feel welcome and provide you with a high-quality service.”

And this is exactly how we felt when checking in to the hotel as well as during our whole visit.

Klaus K is also one of the first design hotels in Finland. You can experience the design in the rooms as well as in the public areas. The hotel is located in the heart of Helsinki, just a few hundred meters from the Helsinki railway station. The beat of Helsinki is right here. And if you want to visit some of the gay bars or clubs in Helsinki, they are all within a walking distance. From the roof terrace you have a nice view over the Helsinki skyline.

We highly recommend the Klaus K for all visitors in Helsinki and especially to all LGBTQ people.

Bulevardi 2-4, Helsinki
+358 20 7704701

Hotel Helka in Helsinki

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Hotel Helka in Helsinki Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
Lifeof2men blogger’s LGBTQ friendly Hotel Helka in Helsinki Finland

Hotel Helka is for sure equal and welcoming hotel for LGBTQ+ people in Finland. Helka is very active in social media and expressing its opinion in equality issues, not just about sexuality but also when it comes to women’s rights or other matters concerning diversity and inclusivity in Finland and in the world. More information can be found from their blog.

Hotel Helka is the hotel for responsibility, diversity and inclusion in Helsinki. During the last few years Helka has been a pioneer in Finland talking about these values and also making them visible through actions and communications. Helka has a long history but at the same time a very modern way of thinking and caring. Helka is building a better tomorrow.

We spent our wedding night in the hotel when we got married as the first gay couple in Finland on the fist of March 2017. We really felt the support and excitement of the Helka personnel and we definitely feel that Helka is a gay friendly hotel.

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 23, Helsinki
+358 9613580

Hotel Arthur in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Hotel Arthur in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Hotel Arthur is a privately owned, cozy 3-star hotel in the heart of Helsinki – only 200 meters from the main railway station. All the main sights and shopping streets are in walking distance. The hotel has 203 rooms in different size and price level, everything to suit the needs of solo travelers to bigger families and groups. Guests can enjoy the Finnish sauna in two private saunas. The atmospheric Restaurant Bistro Arthur serves buffet breakfast, versatile buffet lunch and delicious dinners for hotel guests and other travelers and locals as well.

Hotel Arthur was one of the first hotels in the gay friendly Helsinki community.

Vuorikatu 19, Helsinki
+358 09173441

Hotel Clarion in Helsinki

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Clarion Hotel in Helsinki Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly Clarion Hotel in Helsinki Finland

Clarion hotel chain has been an official partner of Scandinavian Pride events for many years. In 2017 Clarion Helsinki was the main partner of Helsinki Pride and the hotel also celebrated the same-sex marriage law with rainbow lights on March 1st 2017. Promoting human rights and LGBTQ rights has always been in the focus of the whole Clarion hotel chain. This includes both employees and customers.

Clarion Helsinki has been a landmark in the Helsinki skyline since 2016 when it was built. It is located in Jätkäsaari very close to the West Terminal where all the big cruise liners dock. Even though the hotel is not in the city centre it is within a walking distance. You can also take the tram to downtown. The view over Helsinki from the top floor restaurant is something special.

Overall the hotel is very gay friendly and definitely a good choice for LGBTQ travellers.

Tyynenmerenkatu 2, Helsinki
+358 108503820

Hotel Clarion in Aviapolis Helsinki

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Clarion Hotel in Helsinki - Vantaa Finland, Sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly Clarion Hotel in Helsinki – Vantaa Finland

If you are stopping in Helsinki for one or just a few days hotel Clarion Helsinki Airport is a perfect choice. This gay friendly hotel is one of the newest hotels in Helsinki area and of course located close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The hotel welcomes you with a cosy and warm atmosphere. You don’t feel any reason to leave the hotel. Anyway there is also a direct local train connection to Helsinki. The station is next to the hotel and the trip takes around 30 minutes. There is also a big shopping mall Jumbo and Flamingo Spa in the neighborhood.

Karhumäentie 5, Vantaa
+358 108503810

Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki Finland

Hotel Katajanokka is a true experience! This privately owned lifestyle hotel is renovated into the historic premises of former Helsinki county prison. You can feel the historical atmosphere inside the red brick walls in contrast to the stylish Nordic design. The personnel and the management are very open minded. This is what they say about diversity and service:

Every guest is an individual, so we have no manual on how to serve individuals. We want you to feel free to be who you are, and will serve you accordingly. We are here to make you happy.

A thing that defines them is love.

I recommend reading their story and history, which makes the visit even more exiting!

Meriksarminkatu 1, Helsinki
+358 293200620

Folks Hotel Konepaja in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Folks Hotel Konepaja in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Once an industrial area, ​​Konepaja is now a midpoint for trendy restaurants and bars and new forms of urban creativity. And at the heart of this dynamic neighborhood is the Folks Hotel Konepaja. The hotel thrives on the urban roughness and raw energy of its surroundings.  Albina restaurant – a mix of classic European traditions, uncompromising Nordicness and the roughness of big cities.

The gym, Yoga room and sauna center also boosts your well-being after a long day.
And in the summer, enjoy the spectacular view from city’s sunniest rooftop terrace.

Aleksis Kivenkatu 23, Helsinki
+358 29 3200460

Hotel Mestari in  Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Hotel Mestari in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Hotel Mestari is a new meeting place in the centre of Helsinki where modern individuality meets an eventful and fascinating history. A modern touch gives Mestari its sense of individuality. Each guest can build their ideal stay at Mestari, with a choice of eight room categories and additional experiential services. For example, guests can order the relaxing Cool Down service for the room, the Romance package for the perfect end to a romantic evening, or the Groom Your Gear package to ensure that the party shoes are sparkling and your seams are all sewn up.

Mestari also offers a service called Choose Your Timing, which allows guests to choose their arrival and departure times according to their needs and daily rhythms. At Hotel Mestari, you can come and go whenever you please, and there is no need to stress about waking up in time or missing out on breakfast.

Fredrikinkatu 51, Helsinki
+358 29 3200460

Hilltop Forest in Inkoo

LGBTQ friendly Hilltop forrest Hotel in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Laid-back luxury at Hilltop Forest. Under an hour from Helsinki, those looking for a peaceful weekend can check in at Hilltop Forest; a cozy and well-designed cabin hotel in the heart of the Finnish forest. The hotel is a celebration of natural beauty and minimalist design with a laid-back atmosphere and secluded location for guests to be themselves. Here you get your own secluded cabin (with service!) and the option of a 90 minute private spa. Slide into the steaming hot tub from the wood-fired sauna and enjoy a chilled drink overlooking a sea of trees. Kick back in your hideaway and wake up to a breakfast basket filled with local treats delivered directly to your doorstep.

Metsäkukkulankuja 32-51, Inkoo
+358 505517022

The Barö Hotel in Inkoo

LGBTQ friendly The Barö Hotel in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

The Barö is an ecologically built 18 room, high-class archipelago hotel in the Barösund region of Inkoo, in the heart of the world’s most magnificent archipelago.

As our guest, you will enjoy a personalised, warm and memorable experience both at the hotel and at our restaurant. The surrounding nature together with the available selection of diverse activities and services create a unique experience combining nature and luxury.

The Barö is in an excellent location; less than an hour from Helsinki airport, port and city centre, and less than two hours from Turku airport, port and city centre.

Barösundintie 679, Inkoo
+358 505517072

Hanasaari Hotel in Espoo

LGBTQ friendly Hanasaari Hotel in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Welcome to Hanaholmen – in a beautiful archipelago just outside Helsinki. Enjoy the building’s gorgeous architecture, art, design, delicious food and a beautiful sea view from the room. PLATS restaurant is a place where you can enjoy delicious Nordic cuisine while adoring the coastal archipelago. Nature is close to us. Its diversity, creativity and at the same time simplicity inspire us to practice first-class gastronomy.

Nordic art and design set the atmosphere of the hotel. Each of the hotel rooms features original Nordic art pieces. In addition to standard and superior rooms, we offer two exquisite suites. Breakfast as well as free entrance to sauna and swimming pool in the morning are included in the room rate.

Hanaholmen is also a cultural centre for Sweden and Finland, and arranges fascinating seminars about present-day science, politics and economics.

Hanasaarenranta 5, Espoo
+358 9 435020

Hostel Suomenlinna

LGBTQ friendly Hostel Suomenlinna in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Hostel Suomenlinna is the hostel of the year 2018 located in a UNESCO world heritage site on the island of Suomenlinna. This hostel is an excellent choice if you want to experience the  Helsinki archipelago and yet overnight just a 15min ferry ride from the Helsinki city center. The ferry starts from the market square in Helsinki. The island and the historical sea fortress are worth to experience.

Suomenlinna C 9, Helsinki
+358 9 6847471

Reset Holidays in Espoo

LGBTQ friendly Reset Holidays in Espoo and Member of the We speak Gay Community

“Getaways that make sense” in the Captivating Finnish Archipelago. Our guided tours offer a lifetime experience, embracing the beauty of nature and cultural diversity. As explorers of Helsinki’s outskirts, we invite you to venture into the stunning Finnish archipelago. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Kopparnäs and Linlo, where breathtaking landscapes await your discovery. Our knowledgeable guides, fluent in many different languages, will ensure an unforgettable journey for all. Experience the archipelago’s wonders through engaging storytelling and immersive activities, transcending language barriers. Get ready to create cherished memories and forge connections beyond words with Reset Holidays.

Lähderanta 22 G 9, Espoo

Hawkhill cottage resort in Tervalampi

LGBTQ friendly cottage resort Hawkhill in Espoo Finland

Hawkhill is a family run cottage resort surrounded by the beautiful Nuuksio National Park. We are only a 45 minute drive from the beating heart of Helsinki. Our core values are sustainability, high quality and customer satisfaction. We are CO2 neutral and we are aiming for CO2 negativity in 2021. At Hawkhill you can enjoy Finnish nature at its best with your loved ones.

Haukkamäentie 100, Tervalampi
+358 40 024 0831 , +358 45 675 2956

Runo Hotel in Porvoo

LGBTQ friendly Runo Hotel in Helsinki Porvoo and Member of the We speak Gay Community

RUNO started from a dream to create a top-level hotel experience that is well above the everyday, but still approachable and inviting. RUNO Hotel Porvoo is an entity whose every detail has been carefully considered and designed, respecting the old and looking for the new.

Comfort and aesthetics increase well-being. That’s why the hotel is a whole, where comfort and aesthetics are present both in the big lines and in the small details.

In addition to a living room, a restaurant and a bar that are open to all, guests can also enjoy a unique sauna experience and spa treatments at the attic, as well as up-to-date meeting rooms. The hotel’s 56 rooms are soothing and relaxing, each unique and worth visiting.

Art creates individuality and stories – which RUNO also creates and represents. The hotel concept RUNO, which represents Finnishness, also functions as a stage for Finnish art.”

Rihkamakatu 4, Helsinki
+358 29 3191200

Nuuksion Taika in Otalampi

LGBTQ friendly Nuuksion Taika in Nuuksio National Park and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Nuuksion Taika is a family company located next to Nuuksio National Park, less than 40 km from Helsinki center and its airport. Villa Paratiisi is a cottage by the lake and Wäinölä our accessible forest restaurant, event and party venue in the middle of the forest. We welcome everyone and we are a part of the LGBTQ friendly We Speak Gay Community. We organise meeting days, events, outdoor activities, food and programs based on Finnish traditions.

Paratiisintie 115, Otalampi
+358 50 3644333


Restaurant Oiva in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Restaurant Oiva in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Restaurant Oiva has been in the heart of Helsinki’s Kallio since 1940. Restaurant Oiva respects the old and authentic Helsinki restaurant culture in a modern way, offering tasty home-cooked lunches, a relaxed à la carte menu from the evening kitchen, and delicacies at the sizzling brunch table on weekends. In our selection of drinks, we have invested in quality beers and wines. Respecting tradition, we offer music-focused entertainment every week. Karaoke is available for song lovers on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, we organize atmospheric live gigs and open stage nights.

Porthaninkatu 5, Helsinki
+358 010 219 2980

Junk Y Vegan in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Junky Vegan Restaurant in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Junk y Vegans idea is to make marvelous vegan street food. We want to say “bye-bye” to the way of thinking that vegan food is all beans and lettuce.

The goal is to make vegan food easy to find, try and enjoy. “Damn, that’s vegan!”, is the one liner we are looking for.

But after all, it’s not all about the food. It’s about the climate, the food culture, and the changes that need to take place in our lives. We want to be part of that progression, by making the right choices easier and more available for everyone. Saving the planet hasn’t ever been this delicious!

Postikuja 2, Helsinki
+358 0440- 544632

Restaurant Le Ankka in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Restaurant Le Ankka in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Le Ankka is chef Ilkka Lääveri’s vision of a classic French meal: excellent local produce from Finland, good service and wines, sustainable values. The chef’s farmer and fisherman friends supply the freshly chosen ingredients for the restaurant.

Ilkka Lääveri has been honored with the Executive Chef of the Year award.

Le Ankka is located in Jugendstil House Hannus on Huvilakatu, built in 1908. The intimate decor of the petit space is sourced mainly from the owners’ homes. The 3-4 course menus start at 49 euros. Reservations highly recommended.

Huvilakatu 28, Helsinki
+358 40 095 9440

Café Bar Valimo / Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Cafe Bar Valimo in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Experience the warmth of Valimo, a friendly harbor bistro in Suomenlinna, Finland. Located by the shipyard, it’s a unique spot for pleasant summer vibes or cozy fall evenings by the fireplace. Known for its delicious food made with the best ingredients, Valimo offers a diverse menu of daily changing bistro dishes. Enjoy the scenic views of Helsinki’s archipelago from the terrace. Whether you arrive by foot or boat, Valimo ensures a pleasant visit, with historic sights just a short walk away. It’s your go-to place for good food and a great time in a lovely and charming setting.

Suomenlinna B 13, Helsinki
+358 050 3752105

Restaurant Adlerfelt in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Adlerfelt Restaurant in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Wonderfully cheerful and sweet Adlerfelt is housed in a magnificent 250-year-old building in the world’s most beautiful world heritage site, Suomenlinna. A familiar and fun group of people behind the cute neighboring island of Lonna will be making sure there’s a lot of  laughter and joy in Suomenlinna also in the future.

You can visit Adlerfelt whether to enjoy a refreshing beverage or a full dinner. Or anything in between. For us, the most important thing about your visit is to provide that sweet moment when everything feels just right. Pure smile on your face. Through such feelings you’ll always remember these beautiful moments and places you happily return again and again. Adlerfelt is that happy place for you and us. The place where all of us are warmly welcome, regardless of age, gender or origin.

Suomenlinna B 1, Helsinki
+358 41 3170998

Restaurant Manala in  Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Restaurant Manala in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Damn good,  stay a little longer – Welcome to Manala!.

A casual restaurant and bar between the Parliament House and the National Museum in Helsinki. Delicious food prepared with love, a selection of quality wines and beers, and damn good drink mixes. Manala has always been a favourite place among LGBTQ people in Helsinki.

Dagmarinkatu 2, Helsinki
+358 9 5807 7707

Putte’s Bar & Pizza in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Putte’s Bar & Pizza in Helsinki Finland

Putte’s Bar & Pizza is a multicultural community in the center of Helsinki. We offer quality fusion pizza as well as a touch of an accepting and relaxed atmosphere. Vegetarian and a vegan-friendly menu are designed by top chefs.The love for the arts is also evident when stepping in. Putte’s condemns discrimination in all its forms and is reflected in the actions of employees as well as owners. Come as you are!

Kalevalankatu 6, Helsinki
+358 (0) 10  2818 243

Island of Lonna in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Island Of Lonna in Helsinki Finland

Welcome to the charming little island of Lonna, just outside Helsinki. You can reach this island with a ferry in just 10 minutes from the market square in Helsinki. Lonna is a place where you can forget your worries and just relax and enjoy the sea. From the island you can find restaurant serving locally sourced, seasonal and organic food. There are also coffee shop & bar, public sauna, meeting facilities and event space. The island also hosts different festivals and public events throughout the summer season from May until September.

Island of Lonna, Helsinki
+358 44 7300300

Ehrensvärd Society Helsinki

Ehrensvärd Society Helsinki LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

Ehrensvärd Society is a non-profit association. The purpose of the association is to promote
awareness of the history of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ehrensvärd
Society operates according to the principles of responsible tourism and activity.
The Ehrensvärd Society maintains the Ehrensvärd Museum, Cafe Piper, the Suomenlinna Centre,
and the Artillery Bay ice cream kiosk. In addition, the Ehrensvärd Society is responsible for the
authorized guided tours of Suomenlinna, publishes literature, develops Suomenlinna’s tourism
services, and organizes activities for groups.

Suomenlinna B40, Helsinki
+358 9 68999850

Suomenlinna Centre  in Helsinki

The Suomenlinna Centre LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

The Suomenlinna Centre, located in the heart of the fortress, houses the Suomenlinna Museum, a
museum shop, and a café. The Suomenlinna Museum is the main museum of the fortress. The museum’s exhibition presents the history of the island and its different phases under three different nations. The museum shop has a wide range of literature, posters, souvenirs, and items related to
Suomenlinna, not forgetting local craftsmen’s creations. The Suomenlinna Centre Café offers visitors a moment to relax during their island visit. There is a comprehensive selection of cold and hot drinks, and fresh savory and sweet delicacies.

Suomenlinna C74, Helsinki
+358 9 68999850

Café Piper in Helsinki

Cafe Piper LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

The idyllic café Piper has been serving summer visitors to Suomenlinna since 1928. In the peaceful surroundings of Piper’s Park, warm and welcoming staff welcome guests and are happy to serve a variety of refreshments and delicious treats. This charming café creates unforgettable moments in a lovely atmosphere. Come to Café Piper and enjoy the treats and a summer day with a great view.

Suomenlinna B56, Helsinki
+358 9 68999850

Ehrensvärd Museum in Helsinki

The Ehrensvärd Museum LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

The Ehrensvärd Museum is located at the Great Courtyard of the Suomenlinna fortress, housed in
the Commandant’s House. The museum showcases the elegant home of the 18th-century
aristocracy and tells the history of the Swedish era of the fortress. The collection includes paintings, furniture, weapons, and ship models portraying vessels of the Swedish Archipelago Fleet.

Suomenlinna B40, Helsinki
+358 9 68999850

JT-line in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly JT Line in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community
Pihlajasaari Island, situated only a short ferry journey away from mainland Helsinki, is a must visit in summer! Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at Pihlajasaari and enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and gorgeous sea views. The ferry service from Merisatama and Ruoholahti to Pihlajasaari is operated by JT-Line. Welcome on board – come as you are!
+358 10 2051880

Toy Museum in the Suomenlinna sea fortress in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Toy Museum in Suomenlinna and Member of the We speak Gay Community

We are proud to present to you a private collection of old toys, dating from the 1830’s until the collapse of the Soviet Union. The collection includes antique and vintage toys; dolls, tin toys, teddy bears, doll’s houses and other pensioners of the toy world. The items are collected from Finland, and so display the life, culture and play of Finnish children and society. Adjoining the museum there’s a lovely tea room, Café Samovarbar, which features a beautiful terrace in the summertime. We also have a small museum shop. You are most welcome to Toy Museum, we are looking forward to your visit!

Suomenlinna C66, Helsinki
+358 40 500 6607
Cybershop in Helsinki 
LGBTQ friendly Cyber Shop in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community
The values ​​of the LGBTQIA community are close to Cybershop™’s heart! Finnish Cybershop™ strives to promote the realization of human rights, more equal and equal conditions for everyone through its own actions. In accordance with the Pride idea, especially during Pride, we celebrate the diversity of humanity with the campaign, “Pride Around the Year”. However, Cybershop™ celebrates Pride all year around and is also a supporter of several different Pride events this year, such as Pori Pride and Oulu Pride. There is still a lot of work to be done for more equal Finland, not forgetting other countries too! What a wonderful reasons to celebrate equality and support human rights now and in the future!
In the Cybershop™ selection, you can find numerous Pride products, such as flags for the Pride parade and park party that match the theme. LOVE IS LOVE!
Metro Station, Helsinki
+358 45 122 9000

Cybershop Piercing Studio / Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Cyber Shop in Itis Shopping Centre and Member of the We speak Gay Community
The LGBTQ+ friendly piercing studio Cyber ​​Piercing Studio serves at Helsinki’s Cybershop™ stores in Asematunneli and Itis. Access to the piercing studio is through the Cybershop™ store.
Book a piercing appointment in advance  Prices for piercings and other information can be found at this here: The piercing studio also uses Walk-In. Welcome to be pierced! LOVE IS LOVE!
Itis Shopping Centre (Pasaasi),
+358 050 312 2188

KokoTeatteri in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Koko Teatteri in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community
KokoTeatteri makes visible stories that might otherwise be ignored. The theater praises multiculturalism and operates on the principles of diversity and democracy. KokoTeatteri is committed to values such as equality, freedom of speech, democracy, sustainable development, value of art, civilization and humanity.
KokoTeatteri is an independent, professional theatre, founded in 1997. It´s program consist of new drama from Finland and overseas. KokoTeatteri presents 4–6 productions per year and takes part in many visiting performances.
Koko Jazz Club also operates in the same premises as the theater. Koko Jazz Club’s high-quality artistic orientation is modern mainstream.
Hämeentie 3, Helsinki
+358 050 321 9919

Greta Productions in Helsinki

Picture Markku Pihjala LGBTQ friendly Greta Productions in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Greta Productions is an artistic production company founded in 2016 by opera singer and actress Reetta Ristimäki. The company focuses on musical theater and opera performances and especially on social and historical themes as well as immersive performances that immerse the viewer holistically. Greta Productions does not have a permanent performance space but in addition to the Helsinki metropolitan area productions can be seen in various spaces throughout Finland from theaters and concert halls to museums and cafés.

Greta´s Studio is a space owned by Greta Productions in Kamppi, Helsinki which is rented out for the practical use of performing arts and for various events for both individuals, companies and organizations.

Malminkatu 24E, Helsinki
+358 050 3803050

Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Hesinki

LGBTQ friendly Music Theatre Kapsäkki in Helsinki Finland

Music Theatre Kapsäkki is located in Sörnäinen close to the popular hipster area of Kallio in Helsinki. Its’ programme consists of concerts, club nights and musical plays that suit viewers of all ages. As music is an international language, a significant part of shows can be enjoyed with no comprehension of the Finnish language. Kapsäkki has been promoting LGBTQ rights with pride, for example arranging the “Finally getting married” event on the 1st of March 2017 when the same-sex marriage law came into force in Finland. 8 couples were celebrating their wedding in the Theatre together with lifeof2men Hannu and Raul. Also Kapsäkki Goes Pride event during the Helsinki Pride week has become a phenomena.


Hämeentie 68, Helsinki
+358 45 1201200

Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival 15.8 – 1.9.2024

LGBTQ friendly Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival 15.8 – 1.9.2024 showcases the latest performances from independent opera companies.

The festival brings together a wide variety of artistic teams and productions at the Alexander Theatre annually in August-September, with a focus on contemporary chamber opera and musical theatre. The festival is part of the Helsinki Festival’s program.

The first ever Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival took place in 2021. The festival featured both premieres and performances from previously premiered productions. A similar event or an equally extensive review of works and artists had never been organized in Finland before.

The main purpose of the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival is to present the most interesting performances in the domestic opera and musical theatre field to the public, as well as to offer international visits in the future.

The artistic director of the Helsinki Contemporary Opera Festival is Reetta Ristimäki and the event is produced by Greta Productions.




Vino Tours in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Vino Tours in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Vino Tours was born out of a passion for travel, food and wine in 2016. Our roots are in Helsinki and, at the same time, in the Dolomites and verdant vineyards of northern Italy. Vino Tours’ hometown is Helsinki, where we arrange most of our experiences in four different languages. These are authorised walks, culinary and bike tours, and exquisite wine tastings mainly focusing on Italian wines. Vino Tours arranges authentic wine tours to Italy’s wine areas, opera tours in cities such as Verona and hiking tours in the mountainous regions. Everyone is welcome at Vino Tours, we are inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly!

+358 40 705 22 03

Helsinki TukTours

LGBTQ friendly Helsinki Tuktours in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Hop onboard our 100% electric and environmentally friendly TukTuks to see and experience Helsinki in a fun and relaxed way. All tours are booked only for you and your group, so we can really provide a personal service. You will have a licensed guide with you all the time so we can listen to your wishes regarding the tour and its content. The guiding will be done by using the audio guiding system, so you won’t miss a thing around you! Welcome to enjoy our beautiful city on this different and informative tour!

You can also book us to your special events by contacting us so we can plan the details such us decorations for example with discoball, glitter or rainbow flags! Let’s TukTuk Helsinki together!
Runeberginkatu 5, Helsinki
+358 50 397 7221

Taiga Times in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Taiga Times in Helsinki and Member of the We speak Gay Community
Taiga Times organizes sustainable nature tours from Helsinki year-round. Our hand-picked destinations are considered “off the beaten path” allowing you to see the wild side of Finland. Our nature tours are for small groups, giving everyone a safe and personal experience.  Every tour is easy to participate in and includes a professional wilderness guide, transportation, and traditional Finnish cuisine. Discovering nature together, our excursions will create memories to last you a lifetime!
Koivikkotie 5 D 91, Helsinki
+358 40 560 5305

Yoo-hoo! Tours in Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly Yoo-hoo! Tours in Helsinki Finland

Yoo-hoo! Tours is a gay owned company offering tours in and around Helsinki. We are a small, flexible, and sustainable company with a great enthusiasm for our hometown Helsinki as well as toward our customers. With us you can explore Helsinki by walking, by bike or even doing some island hopping to our beautiful archipelago! Our own “Helsinki Gay Walk” tour takes you to LGBTQ perspective of the city and with our partners we can organize tours also to destinations outside the city. Welcome to gay capital if Finland with us!


Happy Guide Helsinki

LGBTQ friendly guide services, Tom of Finland experience in Helsinki Finland

Sunny and sustainable guide services in Helsinki. One of the guided tour is Tom of Finland experience. You can walk the streets once wandered by one Touko Valio Laaksonen who is much better known for his artist name –  Tom of Finland. Tom held residency in Helsinki for the major part of his life and during this time many important happenings took place in the capital of Finland.

Narinkka 3, Helsinki
+358 44 5020066


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