Archipelago and Coastline

Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. Old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors and stone churches, large national parks stretching over land and sea – this sums up coastal Finland in a nutshell.

Following open minded companies and events are welcoming to LGBTQ+ customers creating a safe atmosphere in which you can feel valued and respected. These companies are against racism and all kinds of discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. The members of the community are committed to inclusion and want to embrace diversity in Finland.


Hotel Krepelin

Hotel Krepelin LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

Hotel Krepelin is a small hotel in Kristiinankaupunki, Finland owned by two brothers, who are the fourth generation in the family business. The hotel functions in a 210-year-old yard that used to belong to two merchant families that did business overseas during the height of the city’s maritime period.

Built between 1812 and 1816, the buildings in the yard host nine fully renovated apartments available for tourists all year round, each with their own kitchen and bathroom. Krepelin strives to make the local history alive through renovations, events and projects. Krepelin is a sustainable hotel by the ECEAT Finland certificate and Visit Finland STF label.

Läntinen Pitkäkatu 8, Kristiinankaupunki
+358 400 987 978

Hotel Hyppeis Värdshus

LGBTQ friendly hotel Hyppeis on the island of Houtskär, Finland

Family-owned hotel Hyppeis Värdshus is located in the beautiful archipelago near Turku and by the sea in the peaceful village of Hyppeis. Hyppeis värdshus is a place where you can enjoy nature – either by just relaxing or taking on some activities. During the day you can take hikes in the woods and explore the cliffs or visit Näsby village or you can take a tour with the kayak. Menu in the restaurant is designed based on the best seasonal ingredients using local produce whenever possible. All rooms are decorated honoring achipelago traditions and style, and of course all rooms have a sea view. Welcome to the beautiful Finnish Archipelago.

Hyppeisvägen 540,  Houtskäri
+358 (0)40 175 9880

Wilderness Hotel Liminka Bay

LGBTQ friendly hotel Liming Bay in Liming Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Liminka Bay is a perfect place for nature lovers, birdwatchers and everyone who is searching for peacefulness and silence. Liminka Bay is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Wilderness Hotel offers accommodation and cafeteria-, restaurant- and conference services. The hotel is situated in the same building as the Metsähallitus managed Liminka Bay Visitor Centre.

Rantakurvi 6, 91900 Liminka
+358 40 1923464

Koitelin Tunnelmatupa Café

LGBTQ friendly Koitelin Tunnelmatupa Café in Kiiminki Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Koitelin Tunnelmatupa Café is located in the middle of the beautiful Koiteli rapids of the river Kiiminkijoki. You are welcome to enjoy our cafeteria products! Tunnelmatupa is rentable for private events and meetings, also with meals and activities, for example rafting, white water swimming and team building.

Go Arctic Ltd is a northern tour operator offering travel and program services in Oulu Region. We are specialists of North and arctic experiences. We provide activities, guiding and catering, DMC-services, live productions and educational visits.

Kiiminki Finland
+358 08 415 277 70

Restaurant Kuori Food and Wine

LGBTQ friendly The Restaurant Kuori in Turku Finland

The Restaurant Kuori is a dream come true for Marjaana and Katariina, two women from Turku. Kuori serves vegetarian and vegan food with a flavor from Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa. The ingredients are high quality and locally produced. The food is made with love and it also pleases the eye. All the customers are warmly welcome.

Hämeenkatu 8, Turku
+358 20 7940330

Restaurant Smör

LGBTQ friendly restaurant Smör in Turku Finland

Restaurant Smör is an ambassadors of local food, master of Nordic cuisine. At Restaurant Smör, we draw inspiration from the seasonal and fresh local produce, so we update our menu every eight weeks. Smör is located in the heart of Turku, by the Aura river. It is part of the Voiveljet company.

Läntinen Rantakatu 3, Turku
+358 (0)2 536 9444

Restaurant Panini

LGBTQ friendly restaurant Panini in Turku Finland

Restaurant Panini is a classic in Turku. The Italian style restaurant has been in the forefront building the image of Turku as the Food Capital of Finland. Panini is like the mamma Italia, always making you feel welcome.

Linnankatu 3, Turku
+358 022 515 310

Restaurant E. Ekblom

LGBTQ friendly Restaurant E. Ekblom in Turku Finland

Restaurant E. Ekblom has a weekly changing menu for the modern taste with a local twist. The restaurant is located in a historical building built by watchmaker Elias Ekblom in the middle of the19th century.

Läntinen Rantakatu 3, Turku
+358 2 5369445

Restaurant Göran

LGBTQ friendly Restaurant Göran in Turku Finland

The marine theme restaurant Göran is situated close to the Turku harbour and Turku Castle. On weekdays you can enjoy lunch from a buffet inspired by the Turku archipelago and newly baked bread from the Voiveljet bakery.

Merikeskus Forum, Linnankatu 72, Turku
+358 20 7417330

Roots Kitchen

LGBTQ friendly Roots Kitchen Restaurant’s in Helsinki & Turku Finland

Roots Kitchen has two restaurants, one in Turku and one in Helsinki. Both restaurants are situated in market halls, in historical buildings. The Turku Market Hall was opened in 1896 and the Hakaniemi Market Hall in Helsinki was opened in 1914. Roots kitchen serves colorful and versatile vegetarian food. There is also a vegan menu available.

Eerikinkatu 16, 20100 Turku
+358 37 26280274

Restaurant Viides Näyttämö / Coast & Archipelago

Picture Arvo Arvilahti /Kuvakas

Viides näyttämö (The Fifth Stage) is Turku City Theatre’s own restaurant in the sunny riverside of Aurajoki. It provides fusion kitchen and a bar for the theatre visitors, locals and tourists. Being attached to the theatre, you are allowed to expect a small show going on every now and then, but mainly we focus on putting a smile to your face with superior service and excellent food.

Welcome to the stage!


Itäinen  rantakatu 14, Turku
+358 040 574 4169

Café Tiirikkala

LGBTQ friendly Cafe Tiirikkala in Turku Finland

Cafe Tiirikkala is located by one of the oldest squares in Turku. You can drop in for a coffee or cocktail. There is also live music performances in Tirikkala on a regular basis.

Linnankatu 3,Turku
+358 20 7417337

Rautio Sports Surf Center

Rautio Sports Surf Center LGBTQ friendly. Member of We Speak Gay community.

Finland’s biggest surf center is located in Kalajoki. It is run by Rautio Sports and has been open since spring 2011. Surf Center serves windsurfers, kitesurfers and stand up paddlers offering beginners’ courses, rental equipment, and equipment testing. We also build tailored programs for groups and arrange demo events on beaches, in holiday locations, schools and educational centers. Surf Center is in a great spot inside the biggest camping resort of the country! Kalajoki Camping has all facilities available also for our customers (restaurant, showers, toilets, accommodation services). The shallow, sandy shore is a beautiful platform for safe learning. Sandy banks create excellent training conditions for flat water windsurfing & kiteboarding and jumping. With right wind direction, you also get to enjoy the great feeling of wave surf. Surf Center is open daily from the beginning of June until end of August, 11 am to 7 pm, and from September to May upon demand. During winter we rent winter surfing equipment: ski/ skate sleds, kite wings and kites.

Kalajoki Camping, Kalajoki
+358 44 5460090

Korpo Kajakbod

Korpo Kajakbod LGBTQ friendly in Korppoo Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Korpo Kajakbod offers kayaks and SUP-boards for rent and organizes guided kayaking tours for smaller groups. Want to experience the beautiful archipelago at a slow pace and close to the water? We provide you with high class equipment, a short safety intro and show you the best routes for your trip. If you’re looking for an even better experience, book a guided tour and let us guide you through the maze of islands with one of the most amazing views over the Baltic Sea.

Kabeluddintie 2, Korppoo

Naawa – Nature Awakening / Archipelago and Coastline

Naawa Naturę Awakening LGBTQ friendly in Korpo Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community
Naawa – Nature Awakening offers you unique outdoor experiences in the beautiful Finnish archipelago outside of Turku. Whether You’re looking for exciting outdoor activities, relaxing forest walks or something for the whole family, Naawa can show You the best sides of the Finnish archipelago.
Naawa Nature Camp is a small nature area on the island of Korpo where You can become one with nature, sleeping in high-class Tentsile tree-tents. At the area we have three luxurious Tentsiles-tents for accommodation, a fireplace, a sauna and an outdoor toilet for the guests.
Träsknäs 2, Korpo

Maritime Centre Vellamo

Pic by Jussi Tiainen. Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka Finland LGBTQ friendly and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Maritime Centre Vellamo is an attraction open all-year round and well worth a visit to see the amazing architecture both indoors and outdoors. Vellamo houses the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Kymenlaakso Museum, which present the tales of the sea and the local region through exhibitions praised by people of all ages and abilities.  In the exhibitions you’ll learn about celebrations, everyday toil and life in a rough port town. Explore the art exhibitions, which are frequently on display with varying themes. In the summer season you can visit icebreaker Tarmo all the way down to the engine room. Newest addition to the summer collection is lightship Kemi (opens late June 2022).

There’s also a tasty restaurant with a sea view – not to forget the unique museum shop with local products. Vellamo warmly welcomes everybody!

Maritime Centre Vellamo is a safe space for everyone. We respect and listen to others. We give everyone space and peace to enjoy the exhibitions in their own way. No one is bullied, harassed or discriminated against. For any reason. Everyone is welcome as they are. Everyone is valuable.

Tornatorintie 99,  Kotka
+358 40 350 0497


Naturest LGBTQ friendly in Mankila Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community

We breathe the forest – Naturest is a modern nature service company whose mission is to provide its customers experiences in nature. We operate mainly in Northern Ostrobothnia, but our services are also transferable to other parts of Finland.

Naturest offers entertaining things to do in Finnish forest, whether you travel alone or with your friends. At the same time you’ll learn more about nature or Finnish folklore and will learn the hiking skills; such as making a campfire, identify edible berries etc. We are here to help you to get best out of Finnish nature.

Vernentie 59, Mankila
+358 40 8274 530
Flowpark Adventure Park
Flowpark Adventure LGBTQ friendly in Turku Finland and Member of the We speak Gay Community
Come and challenge yourself in Flowpark! In these eco adventure parks, you’ll find dozens of tracks with hundreds of tasks that put both your courage and balance to an extreme test. All the tracks are built on living trees without harming them.
You are welcome to spend your day like a monkey in 6 different Flowparks in Finland: Turku, Vierumäki, Ähtäri, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Åland. Every park is a unique entirety, so you will not find two identical tracks. Spend a fun day by yourself or with your family – from Flowpark you’ll find tracks suitable for anyone active, regardless of the age. Get high!
Skanssinkatu 10, Turku
+358 40 0864 862


Archipelago Sea Jazz LGBTQ friendly and Member of the We speak Gay Community

Archipelago Sea Jazz is a new, internationally appealing and ambitious festival series, built around the unique attraction of the archipelago and high-quality jazz music. It combines two new festivals, Turku Sea Jazz and Åland Sea Jazz with two well established festivals Baltic Jazz and Korpo Sea Jazz.

For six summer weeks, this festival series offers excellent jazz and an atmosphere that will leave an equally vivid memory as the music itself.

Here are the dates for each unique festival

Baltic Jazz 5.-7.7.2024

Korpo Sea Jazz 25.-27.7.2024

Turku Sea Jazz 31.7.-3.8.2024

Åland Sea Jazz 9.-10.8.2024


Map of Finland

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