The northern most part of Finland, Lapland, is the magical arctic region full of contrasts. In fact, contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark winter days filled with Northern Lights.

Following open minded companies and events are welcoming to LGBTQ customers creating a safe atmosphere in which you can feel valued and respected. These companies are against racism and all kinds of discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. The members of the community are committed to inclusion and want to embrace diversity in Finland.

Hotel Hullu Poro

Gay/LGBTQ friendly hotel Hullu Poro in Levi Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly hotel Hullu Poro in Levi Finland

Hotel Hullu Poro is located in the heart of Levi village, only 15 kilometres away from Kittilä airport. All the services Levi centre has to offer can be reached by foot. Hotel Hullu Poro has rooms to suit all tastes. Choose your favourite from the range of 157 beautifully decorated rooms: 130 double rooms equipped with private saunas, bath tubs or steam showers, 16 family rooms which sleep up to four people and 11 two-storey apartments with capacity for up to six persons.

Rakkavaarantie 5, Levi
016 6510 100

Aurora Pyramids

Gay/LGBTQ friendly glass-roofed Aurora Pyramids in Levi Finland , sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly Aurora Pyramids in Levi Finland

When you stay at the glass-roofed Aurora Pyramids, you can almost touch the ever-changing sky, nature and its forces.In the summertime, you can admire the midnight sun, the gorgeous colours of nature prevail in autumn with orange sunsets. During winter, you can experience the mystical Polar night with thousands of twinkling stars.

Heavenly nature and the Firmament present themselves through the glass roof in a new way, every day. The pyramid shape has provided positive effects to the human body throughout the ages. The beds in the pyramids are also aligned with the magnetic north pole. The Pyramids and the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, form an empowering experience, taking the traveller closer to a balance with nature. An immemorial experience within the powers of nature – reach balance and collect energy for everyday challenges.

This roomy accommodation suits couples or parties of three.

Palosaarentie 30, Levi
+358 16 6510100

Aurora Holidays

Gay/LGBTQ friendly member, Aurora Holidays Utsjoki Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
Aurora Holidays, LGBTQ friendly accommodation in Utsjoki Finland

Aurora Holidays resort is the first We Speak Gay member in Lapland, in the most northern part of Finland. If you dream of experiencing the Northern Lights visit Aurora Holidays between September and April and they will do their best to make that dream a reality. The location of Aurora Holidays in Utsjoki, 450km North of the Arctic Circle, is ideal to chase the Aurora Borealis.

Nuorgamintie 815, Utsjoki
+358 40 7625005

Arctic Land Adventure

Gay/LGBTQ friendly Arctic Land Adventure's experience in Kilpisjärvi Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly Arctic Land Adventure’s experience in Kilpisjärvi Finland

Traditional Sámi Reindeer Ranch offers luxury accommodation in Glass Igloos combined with ‘live like a local’. Reindeer Ranch visit and traditional Lappish food experience featuring local reindeer, fish and berries. Arctic Land Adventure’s experience packages are designed to give the guests a glimpse to the reindeer herder’s life, offer an opportunity to be part of the nature and wildlife, to hunt the Northern Lights during the dark winter nights or just to relax in the Sauna and
outdoor jacuzzi by the lakeside under the Arctic sky. Located at Kilpisjärvi, in the Northwesternmost corner of Finland, Arctic Land Adventure offers the guests an unforgettable combination of nature, silence and luxury.

Käsivarrentie 12411, Kilpisjärvi
+358 40 0454516

Hotel Korpikartano

Hotel Korpikartano invites you to enjoy authentic facilities and wild nature in a tiny reindeer herder village far from busy life and stress in Northern Lapland. As a former Sami village school, nowadays an easy going nature hotel, locating next to Lake Menesjärvi and legendary Lemmenjoki National Park gives you private space to relax. We are only 30 min. from Inari village centre, the centre for Sami culture of Finland and ca. one hour from Ivalo Airport. See you soon!

Ecological accomodation in Metsäkolo

Sleep in a tree, in a traditional cottage by the lake or in the main house.
Ecological and relaxed accommodation on the shores of Lake Saarijärvi in Finnish Lapland. Metsä Kolo is a new way of relaxing in the nature. You can just relax or choose some of the peaceful activities like paddling, hiking in the night or massage.  We invested in top quality Finnish products and materials in interior design. In late summer 2020, we opened our doors to Lapland travelers.

Welcome to relax and enjoy the peace of nature in Metsä Kolo.

Laanilan Kievari / Lapland

Gay/LGBTQ friendly restaurant Laanilan Kievari in Saariselkä Finland, sateenkaariystävällinen Suomi yhteisön jäsen
LGBTQ friendly restaurant Laanilan Kievari in Saariselkä Finland

It’s not about filling our stomachs but eating and enjoying pure and fresh ingredients together. That’s the philosophy at Laanilan Kievari. The food is of course playing an essential role in that. A lot of our ingredients have been harvested from our own yard or the local forests. It is very important for us to produce as much as we can ourselves. Our food is supported by quality wines and local beers.

More and more people are not realizing what and even when the y are eating. We want people to stop and enjoy their life. A well thought and produced meal in a care free environment is the key to that.

So welcome to Laanilan Kievari, an experience to remember!

Sateenkaarenpääntie 9, Saariselkä
+358 40 0239868

AT Nature

AT Nature is a responsible family-run business offering outdoor activities, accommodation and packages in Inari, Lapland. The groups are small (2–6 people) or private and the activities include always home visit. We live next to the wilderness area Muotkatunturi and are happy to pick you up from Inari village to enjoy tranquillity around us. We guide in English and in Finnish. However, private activities can also be in German. Welcome to experience arctic alternative with us!

Wild Nordic Finland

Wild Nordic Finland is a passionate activity and destination management company with fully licensed tour operator rights, providing unforgettable wilderness holidays and events with 40 years of experience. Our areas of operation are Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Norwegian Lapland as well as Finnish Lakeland, the capital Helsinki and the West-Coast of Finland. In addition to activities, we offer longer arctic expeditions with snowmobiles, taking you all the way to the Arctic Ocean. We also provide unique accommodation and event services, such as weddings, in our Arctic Circle Wilderness Resort, located 20km from Rovaniemi.

Let’s make your holiday truly unique!

Kota-Husky / Lapland

Kota-Husky, the home of happy huskies, located in small village called Posio, in Finnish Lapland. Memorable husky sledding adventures and unforgettable moments in the wilderness all year around. Kota-Husky is a warm-hearted family owned business dedicated in offering responsible adventures in Riisitunturi Nationalpark in winter and summer time. For us the sled dogs are not valued as a mean to benefit tourism. Our starting point is a well-being sled dog whose life and needs are respected. The well-being of the dogs is based on good care of the dogs and well planned breeding.

Here in Kota-Husky everyone is unique, but equal. Warmest welcome everyone, just the way you are.

Jaksamontie 58, Karjalaisenniemi
+358 40 718 7287