Let’s make business with a twist

LGBTQ inclusion and diversity is good for business, good for local economies and good for tourism destinations. The good thing is that more and more companies, especially big multinationals but also small businesses, are starting to realize this.

In Finland and other Scandinavian countries we could do so much better. Here are some arguments why LGBTQ marketing is useful.

Why LGBTQ market?

First talking about numbers and business

  • 6-10% of the population consider themselves belonging to the LGBTQ target group. The market potential is thus closer to 1 billion people.
  • The LGBTQ travel market is worth 200 USD and it is growing fast.
  • 4-6 trips are taken yearly by the LGBTQ people
  • LGBTQ traveler spends 55% more per arrival than the average traveler.
  • 60% of LGBTQ people are more likely to buy from LGBTQ welcoming brands.


Facts about LGBTQ rights and attitudes towards LGBTQ people

  • There are still around 70 countries in the world where gay sex is a crime.
  • There are even countries where you can be sentenced to death for having gay sex
  • There are a lot of countries where attitudes towards LGBTQ people are somewhat negative. You can not be openly gay in your family or in the workplace. These include some of the biggest countries in the world like Russia, China and India.
  • There are only around 20 countries where same-sex marriage is legal.
  • For LGBTQ travelers when traveling the first criteria for choosing the destination is the attitudes towards LGBTQ people in that particular country or city.


People behind the numbers – feelings

  • It really matters how safe, respected and welcome travelers feel and how comfortable they feel with being who they are. It may not be obvious to those who are not lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender why this feeling is so important.
  • For this reason those destinations or businesses which celebrate diversity and make an extra effort to demonstrate that all are welcome are frequently rewarded with the loyalty of LGBTQ customers
  • It has been observed that many consumers in this group are highly receptive to products and services that are socially or environmentally responsible or are intended to give something back to the host community


Potential for Finland and other Scandinavian countries?

  • We are among the most stable, equal and safest countries in the world. The challenge is that we have not been making any efforts to attract this lucrative and growing market. We are not seen as the LGBTQ destination.
  • We do not know how and why and where we should do LGBTQ marketing.
  • We need authentic, real but also branded communication to attract more LGBTQ travelers
  • We need more brands that are willing to make value based communication. That is to talk more openly about values like diversity, inclusivity and equality.