I am Raul Medina, blogger  and Personal Trainer. The purpose of MDN TRAINER is to bring people together and unite the LGBT community through exercise, fitness, and sport. By breaking down the barriers and stigmas associated with exercise and gyms we can lead and educate the community on the physical, mental and social benefits of exercise and living an active lifestyle.

Gyms can be intimidating, they’re big, full of a lot of equipment and people who look like they know what they’re doing. Particularly for LGBTQ+ and allied individuals, it can be intimidating to workout at if you’re not sure where to start, what to do or how to stay safe. Some places are a bit cruisey and can make one feel uncomfortable, unsafe or like they’re being judged. Many places have personal trainer services but sometimes they can feel more like sales person, less focused on your training and more on getting your money.

When you workout, you’re already lifting a lot of weight and you don’t need all that extra pressure and judgment on your back. Regardless of who you are, we are all there for the same reason. To be healthier, fitter and more active!

I understand how you feel and what you need, believe me, I can help you. I am working to create programs, help you, support you and a community within the LGBT+ community who seek to break the constraints and pressures of body image. By focusing on what we can accomplish and always training to achieve our personal best in exercise, fitness, and sport we can transcend the stigmas and barriers of being fit. Exercise and fitness knows no limits, nor does it recognize the differences of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origin or body type. We are all human and passion and a little bit of sweat, we are all capable of accomplishing our goals together.

Workout without the homophobia, transphobia, and body shaming. There are no bad vibes and no gym creepers, just a supportive community of happy, healthy homos. You’ll work out with a diverse community of fellow queers and awesome allies (yes, straight people can training, too). The results are amazing, but the journey is hella fun, too.

Join me on this journey in pursuit of stronger fitness and community and there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Raul Medina
Helsinki § Espoo
(044) 979-3864