These three brands are the core of Medina Helsinki Communications. They all speak for openness, diversity, inclusion and equality but with different means


Gay Travel Finland is the brand and site for promotion of Finland and Finnish brands for the LGBTQ traveler. It is also the brand for LGBTQ travel training and education. Gay Travel Finland  produces Gay Travel Finland map and takes part in LGBTQ fairs.




We Speak Gay is the training and education brand on diversity and inclusion. We Speak Gay certification is the one and only certificate for LGBTQ inclusivity. We Speak Gay sertfication includes training on LGBTQ issues, diversity and inclusion and communications demands and tools for representation. Read more here.





Lifeof2men brand is the brand for content creation with a twist. Hannu and Raúl Medina are the bloggers behind the brand with more than 200.000 followers from the LGBTQ target group in different social media channels.