Inclusivity and exclusivity

LGBTQ Travel is something different from normal tourism. You can talk about LGBTQ tourism when destinations or travel service providers seek to assure the LGBTQ consumer that when visiting their destination or purchasing their product or service that they will be welcome and respected.  Some products and services are designed specifically with LGBTQ travelers in mind, for example weddings and honeymoons for same-sex couples, or accomodations or tours exclusively designed for groups of gay men or lesbian women.


Understanding your customer, different segments of the market is crucial for your business. This is of course true with LGBTQ market and customers as well. In order to attract this lucrative segment you need to understand our thinking, our needs, our lives as a minority, in many countries as a discriminated minority.

If you want to learn more about LGBTQ customers, market and marketing, we can provide your team or company with basic knowledge and tips for being more attractive for LGBTQ guests and customers.

Training and education

LGBTQ Tourism Training

This training is a basic training for a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) or its partner network. It is also useful for hotels or other businesses in the travel industry that want to know more about LGBTQ travel and what they could do more.

Content of the training

  • Basic knowledge about LGBTQ people
  • Inclusive LGBTQ Tourism
  • Exclusive LGBTQ Products
  • Examples from Finland and abroad
  • How to be more attractive to LGBTQ customers

Lasting for about 2,5, hours

Pride: 890e + VAT

We Speak Gay training

We Speak Gay Training is designed for companies that want to be LGBTQ inclusive and embrace diversity. It is a training program for both the management and the workforce. On top of training the company receives communication tools and tools for representing diversity. These are also criteria for the certificate: training, communications and representation. You can read more about We Speak Gay certification here.

Content of the training (two workshops)

  • Knowledge about sexual and gender diversity, rainbowfamilies
  • Legislation behind, positive measures
  • How to create a psychologically safe workplace for everybody
  • How to communicate and represent LGBTQ diversity.
  • Business case, why diversity and inclusion is good business

One workshop lasting around 2,5 hours.

Training and communication tools 2.000e + VAT

Public Speaker Hannu Medina

You can also book Hannu to your event or seminar as a keynote speaker to talk about diversity and inclusivity. It can also be other smaller teams like HR team, marketing team etc. This is done vie Speakers Forum.

“Hannu on puhujana oivalluttaja ja näkymättömien ennakkoluulojen ja rakenteiden esille tuoja. Kaapista ulostulo on metafora, jota Hannu käyttää moniulotteisesti puheissaan ja koulutuksissaan. Hänen oma kasvutarinansa toimii esimerkkinä aitouden ja rehellisyyden merkityksestä.”


Let’s make business with a twist


When you are interested to hear more about LGBTQ travel, diversity and inclusivity please don’t hesitate to contact me at hannu[at) or telephone +358 44 5151700.