Inclusive and diverse Sideways Festival

Sideways Festival is a true haven of creativity and an absolute must-do for the music aficionado who loves to indulge in diverse food offerings, quality drinks and experiences that are not found everywhere else.

Sideways wants to be as equal event as possible and welcome everyone to the festival just as they are. Everybody should feel included and celebrated – not just accepted. No discrimination of any kind, for example towards gender, a specific ethnic group, skin colour or sexual orientation is allowed. If you see at the festival or experience behaviour towards yourself, your friends or other festival goers that feels distressing, inappropriate or in some way is against the values of equality, you should always notify the nearest security person. All the employees, partners and suppliers of the festival must commit to the values mentioned above.

Picture by Petri Anttila

The program

VestaWhen negotiating with the artists and performers Sideways want to make sure that diversity of the music industry is reflected in the program. The festival also wants to promote artists equally, not labelling them as female artists or male artists. This year 2019 the program is even more diverse and the festival is presenting different genres of the music industry, both Finnish and international performers.  Here are listed just a few of the artists





Hot Chip (UK)

Empress of (US)

Cautios Clay (US)

Amyl & The Sniffers (AU)


Spencer Krug (CA)

Chisu (FI)

Vesta (FI)

The whole program is published Sideways Performers.


House of Auer


Sideways festival is not just about artists performing. You can also participate in a lot of the sideshow events. Here are a few ones listed

Animal Karaoke

House of Auer underground drag show

Paint & Friends: Paints & Wine 

Long Play klinique: What can queer culture teach to heterosexuals?

Mahadura & Özberkan – Hiphop and feminism

Sidequest Trivia

FCF Wrestling

Yin & Juice -joga 

For all the sideshows klick here.

Member of the We Speak Gay Community

As member of the We Speak Gay Community Sideways Festival wants to welcome LGBTQ visitors from all over the world to Helsinki, June 6th to June 8th.

Please find more information about the Sideways festival below