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Lifeof2men now

December 1, 2018 - Uncategorized -

This is our first post as Lifeof2men Hannu and Raul. We have been in social media already for two years but business came in the way. I started my own business Gay Travel Finland one year ago and We Speak Gay Community last summer and Raúl graduated as a Personal Trainer also last summer. Luckily […]

Gay marriage in Finland – one year anniversary

March 1st 2017 was a huge date for the LGBT community in Finland – that’s when same sex marriage became legal. It is also the day when we got married together with 8 other couples in Helsinki in the theatre Kapsäkki. This is exactly one year ago so today is our one-year anniversary and one-year […]

Gay Friendly Hotel Klaus K

Traveling as a gay couple is not always easy. Especially important is the feeling of safety and acceptance. We as Hannu and Raul of lifeof2men want to explore Finnish gay-friendly hotels and present them to LGBT and open-minded people around the world. We are looking all the time for Finnish hotels that are welcoming and […]

Helsinki City

    Orientation Helsinki is built on a peninsula surrounded by and archipelago of islets; there are links to many of them by bridge and ferry. Surrounding satellite cities include Espoo to the west and Vantaa, with the international airport, to the north.     The small metropolis  Helsinki is a living city and takes no […]

What to do in winter?

Finland is a great country where you can live unique experiences and discover spectacular places. Raul Medina Photographer.   Winter is high season in Finland and it is not surprising, because the country offers a series of unique attractions for visitors that will make your trip a true adventure. Do not cry because you can not see the […]