The Brand and the Community

We Speak Gay Community is not about sexuality, it is about values.

We Speak Gay Community is a community of open-minded companies that are welcoming to LGBTQ customers creating a safe atmosphere in which you can feel valued and respected.

Why would you need to speak gay?

  • To attract LGBTQ customers
  • To make every customer feel valued and safe
  • To communicate values of diversity and inclusivity
  • To profile the company an open-minded

 Why LGBTQ market?

  • 6-10% of the population consider themselves belonging to the LGBTQ target group
  • Around EUR 200 billion is the estimated value of the international LGBTQ travel market
  • 4-6 trips per year are taken by the LGBTQ people compared to 1-2 of the average traveler
  • LGBTQ travelers spend 55% more per arrival than the average traveler
  • 60% of the LGBTQ people are more likely to buy from LGBTQ welcoming brands

What do I get as a We Speak Gay member

“I feel that everybody is equal and I want to communicate about my values 365 days year, not just during the Pride season or Pride week. I feel that We Speak Gay slogan is a statement that expresses my and my company’s way of thinking in a very explicit way. I have had many customers that feel connected with the slogan”

Entrepreneur Jutta Kuure of Taiga Colors design store.

  • I can use the We Speak gay slogan in my marketing communication
  • I can use the We Speak Gay logo on my web page and the sticker in the window
  • My company is promoted on the Gay Travel Finland web page
  • My company is promoted in the Gay Travel Finland social media channels in Instagram and Facebook
  • My company is listed in the online map

Business with a twist

If you want to learn more about the LGBTQ market and potential you can visit our page Business with a twist. For more information you can also fill in your contact information in the form below and we will be in contact.